We supply quality raw materials for Feed Mills across the world.

What we offer

At Noval Feeds, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality animal feed raw materials to meet the nutritional needs of your livestock. Our range of services includes:

Premium Quality Raw Materials

We source and supply only the finest and most nutritious animal feed raw materials to ensure the health and productivity of your animals.

Tailored Formulations

Our experienced team works closely with you to create customized feed formulations that cater to the specific dietary requirements of your livestock.

Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of timely deliveries in the animal husbandry industry. Count on us to deliver your feed raw materials promptly and efficiently.

Understanding Noval Feeds

We are driven by a passion for animal welfare and a commitment to empowering livestock farmers with the finest quality feed raw materials. Established with the vision of creating a positive impact on the animal husbandry industry, we take pride in being a leading distributor of premium animal feed ingredients.

What our customers says about us?

Noval provides best in-class high protein animal feed ingredients tailored for the livestock you need.  

Mr. Mahesh

Vision Feed Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

We supply over 150 products which are required by feed mills. The notable ones include Poultry Meal, Fish Meal, Meat Bone Meal, Soya Meal, Copra Meal, Oil Extracted and Fat Pressed High Protein meal.


Feed mills that require animal feed for raising poultry, fish and shrimps, pet food, cattle feed and other speciality feeds also. We also partner with feed mills looking for high-protein feed ingredients with international quality standards.


We are an integrated company with ownership in the supply chain which includes rendering units, warehousing, in-house quality control labs and an exceptional customer service.


YES. We have international sourcing and forwarding points. Our trading desk will take care of the international logistics and regulatory compliances of the destination country.

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